Publishing and Peer-review – a discussion

During the upcoming GBM Herbsttagung Molecular Basis of Life in Bochum/Germany, the GBM Young Investigators ( will organize a panel discussion on publishing and peer-review. Editors from different scientific journals as well as other experts from the publishing field will present different views and insights in the publishing process and in future developments. During this 90 min event, we will: 

  • obtain insights from journals’/publishing platform representatives into their approach in scientific publishing, their views on what matters to get published
  • discuss the critical issue of how to assess impact & novelty in publishing: entry ticket or pitfall?
  • discuss alternative review processes realized by different journals: open review documents, double blind review processes
  • the editor’s role in the review process
  • the future in publishing and alternative formats in publishing: open access journals, arXives and new formats, the cost of publishing 

We hope to see you in Bochum and are looking forward to a lively discussion!

The GBM Young Investigators.

Sept. 25 (Monday)

13:30 - 15:00

Karin Dumstrei, EMBO Journal
Andrea Hoogenkamp-O’Brien, Elsevier/BBA
Lawrence Rajendran, founder of Science matters
Anke Sparmann, Nature

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